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Financial asset search for estate administration.

Inheritance Data is the UK's asset searching platform and is devised to explore financial institutions' records to establish the deceased’s financial history and expose any lost assets which are owed to the estate during estate administration. 

Acting on behalf of probate solicitors and other professionals, Inheritance Data contacts over 200 financial institutions across the UK.

 Why use the Inheritance Data financial asset search?: 

The online portal enables probate solicitors to search a large number of financial institutions, using only one query. We seek direct correspondence from financial institutions, which we then pass onto you. 

Our ultimate aim is to ensure that the financial asset search for accounts and policies is as easy as possible for all parties involved. If you would like to find out more, click one of the following options below.


We’ll provide financial institution searches for your clients which will help you perform due diligence and speed up the probate administration process.

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Financial Institution

We’ll provide you with deceased person data for free mortality screening, enabling you to update account records, meet regulations and unite your customers with assets.

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