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About Us


Inheritance Data is a specialist service which provides probate professionals with a thorough financial asset searching process of financial institutions, to enhance estate administration on deceased clients.

Our service is only available to probate professionals and will be used to help them perform due diligence and maximise search efforts for their clients.


Currently, probate is a time-consuming and manually-driven process which has not benefited from advances in technology.

Inheritance Data uses a unique combination of robust, secure technology and traditional research methods to request financial institutions to check for lost, dormant and active accounts held on your systems. Our streamlined digital communication process helps us to work with you to find matches as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Inheritance Data encourages a collaborative working relationship with financial institutions, and we believe that our process will have mutual benefits for you and your customers.

We rely on your data to give our clients a quality service but in return, our search requests will help you to cleanse and update your consumer data. This will allow you to proactively keep an accurate account register.

All we require from you in our search request is a yes/no answer as to whether an account in a given name exists on your systems.