Our Process

Probate professionals send us requests to financial asset search for an individuals policies and accounts, which could be lost, dormant or still active.  

We then undertake the following steps to perform a Client Search:

Step 1) Inheritance Data receive a trace form from the probate professional solicitor. (Green arrow)

Step 2) Inheritance Data then forward the request on to over 200 financial institutions(Blue arrows)

Step 3) Using the details provided, the financial institution will search across all of their systems for the person in question. Responses only need to be returned to us in a Yes/No format. (Purple arrows)

Step 4) Inheritance Data then gather all financial institution responses for a particular case and file into a report, which is sent directly to the Solicitor.  (Orange arrow)

If there is a match, solicitors will follow up all positive leads with you using the necessary documentation such as power of attorney and grant of probate.

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