Emma Baddaley

Emma has over 20 years' experience at senior client facing level, managing relationships with FTSE 100 firms, global data providers and professional services firms. She has worked extensively in the legal sector; enabling both silver circle and SME law firms to outsource business processing and more recently, within the wills and probate sector, to provide a range of legal service solutions to private client teams, estate planners and will writers. Emma has regularly been part of the wills and probate industry round table discussions, presented advice and best practice guidance to wills and probate clients and is part of the highly successful Women In Wills group.

Together with, Bruce Cane  Emma manages and develops relationships and business with our key clients and partners, transforming estate administration for probate lawyers, executors and beneficiaries, assisting them to ensure that missing assets are located, they meet their full obligations and the full value of the estate is recovered.