Ollie Wright


As Business Relationship Manager Ollie has established Inheritance data as a leader in financial asset searching by his ceaseless work building relationships with financial institutions. He is responsible for initiating and maintaining productive interactions with Financial Institutions, as well as managing the software developers in constructing the online search process.

Ollie has worked for a variety of global banks from the National Australia Bank to the Bank of Scotland, and also spent time in London as a TV Production Accountant. Using these skills, his main focus is centred on promoting "good practice" on how the financial industry deal with their deceased customers.

His biggest goal is for the financial industry to find comfort in responding to the Inheritance Data requests, using the secure online access point, that is now being used by some of the biggest financial organisations within the industry.

For any questions please contact Ollie using the information below: 


M: 0787 437 2799