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Check for any missing financial assets


We have partnered with Inheritance Data to support you in finding missing assets during this difficult time. 

Over 20billion pounds are currently left unclaimed in the UK. 56% of searches discover at least one unknown asset.

If someone doesn't make a record of all their assets before they die, their wealth is often lost. It is the responsibility of the executor to ensure that all assets are found before the estate is distributed.

 This financial asset search will save 100s of hours and the cost in locating assets that are rightfully yours.

 Find my assets 


Where we'll search: Over 200 financial institutions 

  • Banks & Building Societies
  • Pension providers
  • Department of work & Pensions
  • Life Assurance
  • Shares registers

We'll find any account or policy; Lost, Dormant or Active. 

Cost of Search   -   £150 + VAT

 Get Started

Searches take 40 days to complete. As accounts are found, they will be added to your Settld dashboard, for you to request account closure or transfer. Once the search is closed, a copy of the report will be emailed to you for your records. 

If you have further questions, please email info@inheritancedata.com or call 01603 673250. 

To get started, please click here.